Trevor Hopkins Consulting Services Ltd.

What makes us stand out from the crowd?

Our Scientific Expertise, Business Acumen and Values

We are experienced, totally independent and privately held... We draw upon our unparalleled level of chromatography industry expertise from Thin Layer to Flash and UHPLC to Preparative process scale chromatography; our decades of global business experience as managers and corporate leaders, combined with our expansive network of manufacturers, distributors and customers, to deliver results that meet your business objectives at the corporate, division and product level.

Our clients range from global chromatography and scientific companies to start-ups with a burning desire and a cutting-edge technology. The chromatography and scientific markets are where we provide the greatest value for our clients', due to the industry training, expertise and experience. Our approach is collaborative - based on a team effort between us and our clients, is highly disciplined, and success driven.

Our Values

Passion ♦ Our energy and enthusiasm are contagious. We are inspired to make a lasting positive impact.

Honesty and Integrity ♦ We are honest and straightforward in all our dealings with clients and partners and always do the right thing.

Commitment ♦ We are committed to growing our clients businesses by embracing technology, developing strong partnerships and providing the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Collaboration ♦ We work together with clients, side by side, to achieve their goals.

Accountability ♦ We take responsibility for our actions.

Pursuit of Excellence ♦ We continually strive for excellence and aim to exceed the expectations of our clients and partners. We are always looking to improve our technical knowledge and consulting services.

As our business continues to grow we work hard to keep these values at the core of our services. We are a company that values both individual efforts and teamwork, where people care about each other and share their knowledge freely.

Our goal is to become the preeminent chromatography business consulting firm providing world class expertise to deliver real value to our clients.

To find out more about the company, our consultant or to discuss a project in confidence, please contact us.

"The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible"

Clarke's 2nd Law from the Hazards of Prophecy: The failure of Imagination (1962-1973) - Arthur C. Clarke


Trevor Hopkins

Founder and Lead Consultant

Trevor Hopkins Managing Director of Trevor Hopkins Consulting Services Ltd. a well-known figure in the scientific industry has an extensive background in separation sciences gained during more than 40 years’ experience in chromatography adsorbents, columns and consumables. A successfully career pathway that has spanned product development, product management, sales and marketing and corporate leadership makes him the consummate consultant.

Trevor has a chemistry degree and his passion for chromatography was first developed through hands-on laboratory training in the Pharmaceutical and Contract Research Industries. He has consulted on all aspects of chromatography for many companies and conducted numerous customer and distributor training meetings. He has also presented papers and posters at major international conferences and meetings and written articles for leading academic and industry-based journals. He is also Editor of Chromatography Today and Separation Science and Spectroscopy Editor for International Labmate Ltd.