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Since our lead consultants’ early involvement in many chromatographic techniques, he has been involved in numerous milestone products in the history of liquid chromatography technology development. From an involvement in moving Hypersil production from Aberdeen, Scotland to Runcorn, England in 1978 and early novel bonded phases to the launch of the first commercial 3 micron HPLC Silica materials exhibiting >100,000 plates per meter circa 1982, he has worked with market leaders in the field of liquid chromatography and has been involved in the further development of sorbents, analytical and preparative columns, sample preparation, thin layer chromatography and bio-chromatography products. He has extensive knowledge in such areas as:

  • Base Silica Synthesis
  • Bonding Technologies
  • Reversed Phase Chromatographic Materials (RP)
  • Normal Phase Chromatographic Materials (NP)
  • Ion Chromatography (IC)
  • Gel Permeation / Size Exclusion Chromatographic Materials (GPC/SEC)
  • Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatographic Materials (HILIC)
  • Ion-Pairing Chromatography
  • Low Pressure Liquid Chromatography (LPLC)
  • Chiral Chromatography
  • Ion-Exchange/Ion Exclusion Chromatography (IEX)
  • Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC)
  • Gas Chromatography (GC) Columns and Packing Materials
  • Capillary GC Columns
  • Flash Silica and Flash Cartridges
  • Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) materials and Bonded Phases

Why Trevor Hopkins Consulting Services?

Scientific Excellence
Our effective problem-solving approach begins and ends with undertaking each step in the process as a partnership:

  • Opportunity definition
  • Approach development
  • Sample and instruction submission
  • Progress updates
  • Discussion of results

How can I learn more? Get a versatile plan specific to your project needs by leveraging Trevor Hopkins Consulting Services scientific and chromatography network and expertise. Please contact us to set up a meeting! We like to speak directly to our prospects as it helps us design the best project profile.


What services are available?

Base LC Media

New Product development

Manufacturing Partners
Chromatography Product Sourcing Product Management Packing Material Custom Products
Partner Introductions Technical Writing Technology Transfers
Finding Global Distribution Bonded Phase Production LPLC Media
Flash and SPE Cartridge Sourcing Flash Chromatography Silica Sourcing HPLC Packed Column Manufacturing
Global Product Sourcing LPLC Columns Prep and Process Media
Prep and Process Columns Training and customized workshops Chromatography Consumables Sourcing

Trevor Hopkins

Founder and Lead Consultant

Are you contemplating entering the separation science or consumables market? Do you need help with chromatography product sourcing and bringing your product to market?
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