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Over 40 Years of history

the founders lifeline


Trevor Hopkins background in chromatography was first developed through hands-on laboratory training in the role of Laboratory Technician at Sandoz Pharmaceuticals and then as Senior Laboratory Technician at Hazelton Laboratories Europe where his knowledge and passion for all things chromatography and scientific were combined with customer and project management.

Global Product Manager

Trevor then moved into the design of novel uses and methods for HPLC systems and Hypersil consumable products for Shandon Southern Ltd. As this position also required demonstrating products and systems to potential customers, it was at this point that he moved into other business areas, becoming National Sales and then Product Manager responsible for worldwide sales and marketing of HPLC consumables while still performing HPLC applications support.

European Sales and Product Manager

His growing expertise in both practical and analytical HPLC methods and products, coupled with scientific marketing and corporate skills saw him progress as European Sales and Product Manager at Kratos Analytical Inc.

Director and Partner

Trevor moved to the USA in 1982 where he initiated the start-up of the US subsidiary of Phase Sep Ltd – Norwalk, CT based Phase Separations Inc. with full responsibility for chromatography and scientific consumables product sales and marketing, P & L and personnel management. Trevor became a member of the board of Phase Sep Ltd and a member of the three person management buyout team in 1987.

Acquired Business

Having sold Phase Separations to Waters, a non-compete ensured no activity in the Chromatography and HPLC Business Sector so Trevor acquired a small scientific business.

VP Sales, Marketing and R&D

After six years Trevor returned to chromatography when he assisted a Global Chromatography Consumables Supplier selling Flash Cartridges, HPLC Columns, Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) cartridges and bulk surface modified silica's.

Business Development

Trevor's experience in M&A enabled him to assist the principle of Column Engineering Inc. prepare the business for sale. Trevor led negotiations on behalf of the owner.

Business Development Consultant

Global HPLC Column manufacturer Technical Sales and Marketing Consultant for Zeochem and Business Unit Manager of Prep and Process Chromatography Media – The Americas Zeochem LLC.

Chromatography Product Manager

Consulted as Product Manager for an Asian Flash Chromatography Consumables manufacturer and simultaneously for a US Chemical Company with a desire to enter the Chromatography and laboratory scientific market

Chromatography Consultant

Technical Consultant for a Polymeric Chromatographic Media Manufacturer. HPLC Column Consultant and Technical Writer for a Global Chromatography Supplies Company

Life Science Chromatography Consultant

Global Product Manager (on a consultant basis) for a leading column manufacturer for Low Pressure Liquid Chromatography (LPLC)

Chromatography Editor

Editor of Chromatography Today and contributing Editor for Separation Science and Spectroscopy - International Labmate Ltd., publisher of International Labmate, Labmate UK and Ireland and Lab Asia

Digital Marketing & Website Development

2014 - Completed Online Digital Marketing and Advanced Digital Marketing Programmes, passing both with distinction. The courses were ncfe and CPD Certification Service accredited.

2015 - Undertook and succesfully completed the project management of two website development projects for clients and launched

HPLC Consumables Project Manager

2016 -2018 Undertook and completed the project management of two HPLC Consumable Product projects for clients.

2018 Undertook and completed Three HPLC Consumable Product Market Studies for global clients.

2019 Trevor's experience in M&A enabled him to assist the principle of an HPLC Consumables business prepare the business for sale. Trevor led negotiations on behalf of the owner.

Recent Projects

of Trevor Hopkins Consulting Services Ltd.

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